How to be Smart and Survive the Music Industry

(ps before you keep reading i'm dyslexic so if your a grammar nazi probs best not to continue reading)

Well Well Arn't we a Clever Individuals, being productive and seeing our music as products.

When do the best Product sell?

We have a wave of High Sales at certain Times of the year.

Bam you've Guest it.

Specific Celebrated Days. if you could get one of your

Banging tunes out there

on Specific Days like to day



Think Longevity, Feel LOVE

You know people spend Millions on Love songs time and time again.

Think How many albums you've bought that seem to be the same songs but just different covers?.

Be Smart and Create.

Its Christmas Soon you know what i'm Saying!!

#Mindfulness #Smart #Guitarist #Love #MusicIndustry #MusicGuide #Musicians #Valentines

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